Proactive care of the properties we manage

Without question, you care about your property. Our experience tells us the caliber of vacationers Naples attracts care even more. After all, they want their precious time off to be trouble-free. Arriving at an impeccably well-maintained destination makes them happy. The last thing they want is to spend time dealing with something broken or untidy. A well-cared for property is simply good for both sides of business.

Our local staff provides 24/7 emergency service, prompt cleaning, and thorough inspection before and after every reservation. We take care of each of the properties we manage as if it were our own.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Who pays for the cleaning?

In addition to the rate, each vacationing party pays a tenant changeover fee, accidental damage insurance, and taxes. This fee more than adequately covers the cost of cleaning the unit before guest arrival and upon departure. It also pays for basic supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, etc.

Isn’t there a lot of wear and tear on a property with nightly or weekly rentals?

Actually, not at all! This is one of the largest misconceptions we encounter. We professionally clean properties before and after every reservation. In a property where we accommodate 25 reservations in a year, we will clean the home 40-50 times. We have frequent access to check on the property and keep things in good order. If the walls get scuffed, we touch them up. It’s good for business to keep your place looking great!

Also, the shorter the stay, the less guests bring. If someone goes on vacation for a week, most likely their belongings will fit in a suitcase or two. Someone going away for a month or longer would naturally haul more with them. Annual tenants move in truckloads of furniture. Seasonal guests bring carloads of things they just can’t live without for the season. Vacationers bring a suitcase, and thanks to airline baggage fees, those suitcases have become smaller and smaller.

With an annual rental, we sometimes find most tenants don’t take the level of care we do to keep the home impeccable.

What happens when or if there is something damaged?

Frankly, vacationers aren’t usually in a property long enough to cause much damage. From time to time, accidents and mishaps do happen, but we’ve got you covered. For your peace of mind and protection, our strict policy requires each group renting a home or condo from us to pay an accidental damage insurance premium. If something gets broken or damaged, our company will promptly repair or replace any damages up to $3,000. For 30-day+ rentals, we collect and hold security deposits.

Any damages not accidental in nature are charged to the guest. That’s only fair. But frankly, with hundreds of reservations behind us, we find that damages to our properties are minimal and easily rectifiable. We also are strict about the number of guests which occupy a property and are careful to screen guests at the time of booking.