Ouch! Last-Minute Cancellations Can Really Hurt!

Last-minute vacation rental cancellations can really hurt your revenue! Picture this, you live up north or even out of the country and down in sunny Florida the high rental season is about to begin. You are happy because your property has been booked solid for the whole month of February and March. Then suddenly you hear that your guest has canceled 7 days before their check-in date! On top of that, the vacation management company you have been working with has promised to give those same guests a 50% refund!

How to Furnish Your Naples Florida Vacation Rental

Do you like nice things when you are on vacation? Chances are your renters feel the same way.

The common misconception in the past was that medium-priced vacation rentals should command equally-priced furniture, appliances and extras. Chances are if you are reading this blog you fall into the same category. Think of your furnishings as a marketing expense.

Investment Tips for Buying a Vacation Home in Naples FL

Can you really pay for a Naples vacation home by renting it out?

The idea of buying a vacation home in Naples Florida, may seem out of reach to some people. But, for some seasonal visitors to Naples, who find themselves coming back year after year, buying a vacation home might be a good investment. Naples Florida Vacation Homes works with property owners to to make owning and renting their vacation home easy!

How to Make Your Naples Vacation Home Pay For Itself

Can you make money renting your Naples home?

The first question to really ask is: what are your goals? Having an understanding of your financial and leisure goals is important from the beginning. It helps clarify whether you are doing this for consistent extra income,  to cover the costs of your mortgage, or to offset the annual costs associated with your Naples vacation property by renting it during the season.

10 Reasons Your Naples Home is Better Than a Hotel

People love the experience of vacationing in Naples while staying in a friendly, homey environment. The benefits of your home over a hotel are more than we can list. But we did put together the top ten reasons people want to rent your home versus staying at a hotel.