Posted on Friday, April 7th, 2017

Should You Buy a Vacation Rental Property? Crunching the Numbers for 2016-17

In the vacation rental business, season ends, and locally things change to a slower pace.

As we wind down our peak season in Naples, the locals are just dying for the days when there will be less traffic and our town will quiet down after the snowbirds flock back North.

We often hear people referring to season being over or coming to an end. The mindset of our Naples community clearly revolves around high season, but that’s not to say we should close up our doors and expect no rental activity in Naples in the off-season.

Peak Season for our business generally runs from the Saturday before Christmas to a week or so after Easter. That, of course, varies each and every year as Spring Break schedules at school districts throughout the US vary.

As peak season comes to an end, we took the time to break things down a bit and look at the past year. Here’s how we did as a whole managing just 28 vacation rental properties for owners, broken down by

  • Total Reservations Completed: 298 low / 472 total (70% in the off-season)
  • Total Nights Occupied: 2842 low / 4057 total (63% in the off-season)
  • Gross Revenue (inclusive of all taxes, fees and guest services): 54% off-season / 46% in-season

In the Winter, when so many look to escape cold weather in the North, it doesn’t take much to find renters in February and March. In fact, after 10 years in the rental business, it is something even a novice could do. However, it takes a true professional, committed to marketing and delivering terrific service year-round to owners and guests alike, to make the difference in the off-season.

Yes, in the off-season we work harder to achieve smaller dollars, but the smaller reservations do, in fact, stack up to a significant amount of revenue.

Why would you close your door to plenty of opportunity in the off-season?

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